Monday, November 9, 2009

Women In Girdles Movies Are Women Still Wearing Girdles And Stockings?

Are women still wearing girdles and stockings? - women in girdles movies

Sox back into a trailer provided. What I mean by a belt, a large number of girls, age 13,14,15, etc, it gives either party in the lower bands, are a garterbelt.Most girls I knew, was not fat, but he said that size, it was convenient, a garter. They said to have a league, we adjusted the strap of the collar or socks, folds.

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Rusty said...

I wear stockings and a garter belt to work every day. They are much more comfortable than pantyhose. The garter belt again, and I therefore shorter than the old style of my mother wore, and all have mir 6 straps hold very hard.

They sell a hot belt thingy just and I am one who is cute, but not really better than the average in the league.

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