Sunday, February 14, 2010

Japanese Groping On Bus Is That RAPE In Japan Commonly Happened?

Is that RAPE in Japan commonly happened? - japanese groping on bus

In particular, by bus or train .. Because if I was in the film and adults against Japanese groping .. on the bus or train


Archange... said...

Combo Boszco19 and Robyn are right here. Stop watching all that crap fantasy and believe in him. Really? All that said, said of the two, trial and error trying to take photos or film under the skirts of women, it has. I can not say what happened, but it's bad enough that the railway network in Tokyo has women only cars. There is even a special unit of the police to these children, so they arrested and detained to be seen. Moreover repod Robyn there is not much crime in Japan, but it often happens. Boszco As already mentioned, most people do not want a scene, drawing attention to himself and "let" things happen and go unreported. It is also true that they will not try this with a stranger, becauseIf a foreign woman cry, or press the man in his ***... have seen it.

Robyn said...

Why are some people so obsessed with porn thoughts, based on real life? If you see a violation of American pornographic films, we are a few questions about whether it is as if every time the United States?

Rape porn is a fantasy that has acted for you in the world. If you see a porn movie rape, which was filmed in secret in the Vatican City, with the "victim" claimed that the secretary of the Pope and the rapist, who as a monk, I do not believe in? And what about all those porno rape where the woman is attacked by aliens? Is it true that life?

No, not true to life. Nobody would dare, with the right bus or train, it's true, too risky.

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