Monday, February 15, 2010

Replacing Old Thermostat With Honeywell Rth3100c Replacing A York Thermostat Q674L With A Honeywell RTH3100C?

Replacing a york thermostat Q674L with a Honeywell RTH3100C? - replacing old thermostat with honeywell rth3100c

Hello I have a higher unit heat pump York. I bought this house and not a complete overhaul, so that the thermostat cover is removed during the process. I wired products listed below. I have tried to use the manual Honeywell, but I can not leave the heat. I'm sure it worked, because the device was tested before you start conversion. Currently I have attached a son as follows.
Open e
I have not joined a black cord.

The instructions referred to a bridge. I tried. I can reach the hard to hear, but the blower or compressor is not working. Any help would be appreciated .. you could

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Chris said...

Electrons do not know the color of the thread. You can not colored by the son. It says in the instructions. They have a day for you from the old cable or must be careful about the kind of system know auxialiarry include heat, emergency heat, reversing valve, air conditioning, then you need to know why this terminal.

The heat pump with a backup heat may not be difficult for HVAC people. The next time you tehrmostat a picture of the old wiring before removing.

In order to understand everything a person needs to exactly what kind of heat and heating emergency you know the setting and many other factors. Color-drivers are not static. Many entrepreneurs are using what they have, especially ifto manage many systems.

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